• 06-04-2017 - Wat een super leuke dingen heb ik bij jullie gekocht!
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English explanation

The products of the Wolz Handmade Foundation are trendy, fashionable and hand knitted felted fashion accessories made from 100% superior wool. The range includes clutches, bags, totes, smartphone and iPad sleeves.

"Knitted with Love" is the motto of Wolz Handmade accessories. Margo Tam and Monique de Laat-Sakko lovingly knit every piece themselves. They are then washed -  creating the trademark felted look and feel - and brought into shape by hand. Every single item is handcrafted and unique.

Wolz Handmade woolen products are not only fashionable and beautiful but also serve a good cause as ALL proceeds go to selected charities named here.